The Anatomy of a Try: Fainga’anuku vs Waratahs February 2020 (Video Analysis)

The opening round of Super Rugby seldom disappoints.

New stars step up to make headlines and what seems like all out attacking Rugby is the order of the day. It’s sports entertainment to the max.

Much doesn’t change though and the Crusaders are still a brilliant side with skills in abundance. No where was this more evident in Leicester Fainga’anuku’s wonderful try around the 35 minute mark.

It had everything, intelligent play from the Crusaders, an awareness of what was happening and the ability and preparedness to react to what the defence was doing.

From lineout, working to enlarge the blindside to a pint point kick that was high enough and just long enough to allow Faingaanu’uku to soar above Newsome without breaking a stride it was executed almost to perfection.

I say almost to perfection as, but for the wayward touch of a derriere, this may well have been a try run down the right touchline for Jordan. 

Regardless, the crusaders as always, reset, assessed what was happening and launched a strike play from the top draw of the dresser.

Wonderful Rugby from a team that is rightfully held up as the benchmark for professional rugby. 

We take a look at the try in more detail below.



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