Rugby Reimagined Episode One: Three Red Kings

With the Covid 19 lockdown going on it’s been hard to find Rugby to analyse.

Sure, I could go back and review old games, and yes, I am planning to drop a couple of videos on the World Cup. But, most importantly, I also wanted to do something different with this time and put together a short Podcast based mini-series.

In Rugby Reimagined I discuss what people would like to see change in Rugby (once the Covid 19 crisis has passed). Those could be Laws, Styles of play, Governance or whatever, if anything.

In total we recorded 8 episodes with, Tom from Three Red Kings , JB from The Egg Chasers Podcast & The Rugby Dungeon, Geraint Davies , Reg Roberts from Green and Gold Rugby Sam Larner, Wibble Rugby and the mighty Squidge Rugby

In this First Episode I speak to Tom from Three Red Kings about:

  • first of all we discuss removing the 22 pass back rule ( Law 18.8(d) kicking directly into touch from your own 22)
  • Secondly, the need for a Scrum Clock at the professional end of the game.
  • and finally the need to reduce the tackle height.

Next Episode is out Wednesday 6th May 2020 – with JB from Egg Chasers



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