The Anatomy of a Try – Kurtley Beale Australia vs France June 2014

There have been some fantastic tries scored over the course of the June Tests, Ben Smiths length of the field counter is a real favourite, but two that really caught my attention were Nick Cummins and Kurtley Beales tries in the first Australia vs France tests.

The Beale try particularly stands out for me for a number of reasons. The first Beales excellent pass and then his support running, but also the fact that all the dummy runners are forwards who seamlessly interlink and hold the French Defence creating the opportunity.

The try has a bit of everything really and while not as obvious as the Nick Cummins try it’s a fantastically executed set move.

It’s also worth noting that France surrender valuable possession not once but twice in the whole sequence and the try comes from a turnover by way of a poor kick from France. Additionally the difference in work rates from the two teams is quite something and I believe really illustrates the different mindsets the two teams took onto the field.



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