The Dead Ball Area is my little corner of the Internet dedicated to Rugby analysis.

I’ve been involved in Rugby for about 40 years, having played at various levels in the UK, Belgium and France, and coached for the last 10 years. The Dead Ball Area cam about because and enjoy analysing the game as much as I did playing it.

It’s important to understand, I'm not an expert. I'm not a professional player coach or analyst, but I enjoy talking about the game, the techniques behind the game and breaking down areas of the game be it the components in a try scoring sequence or a great bit of defence.

Essentially This website is as much about me learning as it is passing on my thoughts.

As Such I don't claim to be the definitive knowledge on the game and many people see things in many different ways. The views expressed here are just that, my views and there is never an intention to offend, undermine or belittle anyone involved in the game either playing, coaching or punditing (is that a word?) and I welcome everyone’s view points on the game even if they differ to mine.

As well as the deadball area I also contribute regular articles to the brilliant Green & Gold Rugby website and the Coaching section of Rugby Dump.

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Vine. Feel free to say hello.

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thanks for all the support,

The Dead Ball Area